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Dr. Arnott Seunarine, born in Point Fortin, Trinidad, is a pioneer in African Studies and has lectured extensively on Africa, the Caribbean and the Blacks in the Diaspora. He has written eleven books including Limmin Under De La Junette Tree, Why Dem Mosquitoes Bite Meh So, and Stories Meh Moddha Told Meh.

Currently a Professor at Marist College, he has authored nine books: The Lion Roars: Selected Speeches and Letters of Haile Selassie, Ethiopian Women of Power,Ethiopia Speaks,Visions of Rastafari: Facts on Haile Selassie I, Ethiopia, The Bible and Rastafari, Stories Meh Moddha Told Meh, Pappi, Pappi Please Read me a Story, Limmin Under De La Junette Tree, and Why Dem Mosquitoes Bite Meh So: A Proclamation for Change in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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